Slate on Facebook’s “retreat” from news


I spoke to Slate reporter Will Oremus on the double-sided coin that is the modern web for a feature about how referral traffic from Facebook has tanked for many web publishers (including, sadly, Slate): For every five people that Facebook used to send to Slate about a year ago, it now sends less than one.… Continue reading Slate on Facebook’s “retreat” from news

Deleting thousands of my own tweets

I've been having a lot of conversations about the difference between relevance and usefulness in terms of what the world will leave behind on the web for future generations to parse through. I thought I'd take a shot at deleting some of many tweets I've produced since joining Twitter, particularly because tweets no longer feels… Continue reading Deleting thousands of my own tweets

Does the Web need a new abstraction?

"I wonder whether we're approaching the next opportunity for an abstraction to slice through the complexity, to recategorize what we build in ways that make it easier to see what happens and why." – Simon St. Laurent (LinkedIn) Related reading:  Designing Themes with Gutenberg Blocks and Sketch (Theme Shaper) Universe, an Instagram for building mobile… Continue reading Does the Web need a new abstraction?

AP: Study finds false stories travel way faster than the truth

From the Associated Press: Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology looked at more than 126,000 stories tweeted millions of times between 2006 and the end of 2016 — before Donald Trump took office but during the combative presidential campaign. They found that “fake news” sped through Twitter “farther, faster, deeper and more broadly than the… Continue reading AP: Study finds false stories travel way faster than the truth