The only important rule about secret social media accounts

Updated | After plotting through hours of user account interactions, Gizmodo’s Ashley Feinberg reported to have tracked down (grain of salt) FBI Director James Comey‘s Instagram and Twitter accounts. It may not be Mr. Comey, given that the Twitter profile is now private and includes an ominous tweet of a meme. Who can verify except Twitter or Comey himself? 

Whether Comey owns either of these accounts or not, he and others who intend to use private accounts hidden from the public (and private) eye can save himself a lot of angst by following the only important rule about using social media on the low:

Don’t talk about your secret social media accounts. 

And for that matter, why not just avoid talking about your social media accounts in general?

Whoever you are, ‪@projectexile7if you’re feeling adventurous, might I suggest you engage in some celeb-level fan faving, akin to Nicki Minaj’s non-response response to Rema Ma? Send us a message or two just to break the ice. We’re watching you now. All of us.


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