A very helpful conversation on content management strategy

A recent Responsive Web Design podcast includes some excellent insights by Ron Bronson on understanding how design strategy decisions are made between multiple teams with varying levels of experience.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.22.16 PM

I connected with Bronson’s overview of the shift from strategy work which so often happens in siloed conversations (on projects in newsrooms and other content-dependent organizations) to work that uses an open, collaborative process across the organization teams, which he calls “responsive organizational tenets.”

While the conversation is focused on developer and design teams, it reflects experiences I’ve had between design teams and editorial teams, too. He explains this shift from silo to collaboration through his own experience:

“…I’ve found that earlier in my career, organizations, especially as consultant, organizations were still pretty siloed on the digital side of things. There were lots of hand-offs and briefs. These things still exist, but I’m finding more and more that organizations are starting to—slowly in some cases, more rapidly in other cases—embrace these, for lack of a better term, responsive organizational tenets, where you’ve got folks of different disciplines in a room together talking about these topics from the start, working more agile—and not even necessarily using agile, but that’s sort of the best way I can think to frame this conversation—in a more collaborative, iterative way. … With slow-moving organizations, it takes that person empowered to make the change sometimes, or people empowered to make those changes, to move things forward.” 

Strategy should always reflect the needs of users if it’s to be sustainably valuable for everyone’s bottom line. But don’t stop here! Check out the full conversation here, and add Bronson’s book to your must-read list (like I just did).

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