A newsletter curated by the iterative wisdom of Friendster

Nuzzel has made one of my favorite information products out there. The service collects the stories that your connections share every day. You can now subscribe to a curated newsletter based on what I’m reading. I wanted to share some context about why I think their work represents the next iteration of news and information discovery online.

I never thought the evolution of Friendster would be a newsletter product, but here we are, and it’s wonderful. Nuzzel founder Jonathan Abrams is most commonly known as the person who started Friendster, the nerdy, early-aughts network that inspired the birth of at least one other network, Facebook. Abrams applies what he considers to be the fundamentals of how people share information to the way Nuzzel operates.

One of my favorite interviews of Abrams is his discussion about social networking on the Internet History Podcast (listen to the episode), hosted by Brian McCullough.

Since lots of the folks who I follow and interact with are talented writers, editors, and reporters, they end up sharing the best from around the web, which makes my job curating that work incredibly easy. And I do use other services to find stories and reporting (among them are Feedly, Google News, CrowdTangle and BuzzSumo), but none offer an easy-bake newsletter tool. (For the record, I do add in new links to the newsletter, though, that I find from these services.)

Subscribe to my Nuzzle newsletter on Facebook Messenger and email

I wanted to show you one more thing, which is how cool the Facebook Messenger subscription looks:

How Nuzzel’s newsletter subscription looks in Facebook Messenger.

Nuzzel’s iPhone app has become my defacto tool to discover news when my feeds are too noisy (which occurs more often these days). It sits right on my home screen, which should tell you everything you need to know about discovery: it’s not just mobile-first, it’s mobile only.