The “gig economy” hasn’t really changed since, well, forever

Hard to argue with the new report (PDF) on independent, part-time and contract-based employment in the U.S., aka the “gig economy” of which involves an estimated 15-20 million workers.

Mother Jones‘ Kevin Drum writes:

“Any way you slice it, the gig economy just isn’t a thing: it’s not large and it’s not growing. … The vast, vast majority of people want steady work, the same as they always have.”

As a side note, whatever “gig economy” does exist, it very well may offer different opportunities for men compared to women. I’d like to see more surveying done on this point, especially considering the following: women are more likely to be a non-contingent worker than an independent contractor. According to this report, 2 out of 3 independent contractors in 2017 were men. While most (79 percent) of independent contractors reported being satisfied with their current arrangement, a majority (55 percent) of non-contingent workers said they’d prefer a traditional job. Hmm.

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